Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio: Brackets Released For Two Days Of Matches In Brazil

Ivan Trindade / Images: Ane Nunes/AJP

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio: brackets released for two days of matches in Brazil; great matchups in the black belt division

  • The AJP has released the brackets for all divisions of the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour Rio. The event is scheduled for December 5-6, at the Arena Carioca 1. 
  • The schedule for the event puts purple belts and brown belts competing on Saturday, December 5.
  • The black belt division for adults and masters 1 and 2 will go down on Sunday, December 6.
  • The brackets for the adult male black belt division and the adult female black/brown belt division foresee some interesting matchups.

Here are the ones fans should look for:

Adult Male Black Belt: 

  • Light-featherweight (56kg) – Francisco Jonas Andrade (BRA) vs. Rodnei Junior (BRA) – possible final
  • Featherweight (62kg) – Hiago George (BRA) vs. Cleber Fernandes (BRA) – possible final
  • Lightweight (69kg) – Thiago Macedo (BRA) vs. Leonardo Saggioro (BRA) – possible round of 16; Leonardo Saggioro (BRA) vs. Alex Sodré (BRA) – possible eight final
  • Welterweight (77kg) – Natan Chueng (BRA) vs. Yan Paiva (BRA) – possible final
  • Middleweight (85kg) – Guthierry Barbosa (BRA) vs. Isaque Bahiense (BRA) – possible final
  • Light-heavyweight (94kg) – Gustavo Batista (BRA) vs. Guttemberg Ferreira (BRA) – possible final
  • Super-heavyweight (120kg) – Pedro Elias (BRA) vs. Erich Munis (BRA) – possible final

Adult Female Brown/Black Belt:

  • Roosterweight (49kg) – Brenda Larissa (BRA) vs. Eliana Carauni (ARG) – possible final
  • Light-featherweight (55kg) – Bianca Basílio (BRA) vs. Ana Rodrigues – possible final
  • Lightweight (62kg) – Luiza Monteiro (BRA) vs. Julia Alves (BRA) – possible semifinal
  • Middleweight (70kg) – Thamara Ferreira (BRA) vs. Julia Boscher (BRA) – possible final
  • Heavyweight (95kg) – Gabrieli Pessanha (BRA) vs. Yara Nascimento (BRA) – possible final

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AJP offers Rules Course prior to the ADGS Rio

  • The AJP is offering an in-site rules course prior to the ADGS Rio. 
  • The course will be offered in Portuguese only at the Arena Carioca 1.
  • Those interested have two options to attend the course.
  • The first option is Wednesday, December 2, from 5pm to 9pm. 
  • The second option is Thursday, December 3, from 10am to 2pm. 
  • The investment for the course is $22 (R$ 112).
  • The course will be taught by Master Julio Cesar Pereira (Red and Black belt). 
  • Click here for more info and to register until December 2. 

Gutemberg Pereira On Overcoming The Ego, and A Champion’s Mindset: AJP Tour Podcast Episode 6

Episode 6 is here! Will Safford welcomes ADGS champion and ADKOM contender Guttemberg Pereira for a candid talk on how to build a champion’s mindset and avoid the pitfalls a high level competitor faces on a daily basis.

As Guttemberg gets ready to compete at the upcoming ADGS Rio, on December 5-6, he opens up and shares valuable lessons to those with the same lifestyle as him on the mats.

Watch now!

AJP Launches Health and Safety Guide for 2020/2021 season events

The AJP is working tirelessly to guarantee the safest environment possible for athletes, officials, referees and all of those involved in its events when the 2020/2021 season starts. That’s why the AJP has put together a comprehensive guide that sets rules and regulations for each event to happen in the safest way possible.

According to the AJP Events Safety Procedure Guidelines, all of those involved in the events will be asked to wear personal protective equipment like masks and gloves and also practice social distancing before and after matches.

Click here to access the complete guide.

AJP Tour National and International Events ready to go

  • The 2020/2021 season is coming in hot. Events are popping up all over the world as Jiu-Jitsu returns. 
  • The following months will feature a series of stops on the tour scheduled for Europe, South America and Asia.
  • AJP Tour International Pro Rio de Janeiro – December 4, 2020
  • AJP Tour National Pro Ukraine – December 12, 2020
  • AJP Tour National Pro Russia – December 20, 2020
  • AJP Tour International Pro Cuiaba – December 20, 2020
  • AJP Tour National Pro Slovenia – January 30, 2021
  • AJP Tour International Pro Guarapari – January 31, 2021
  • AJP Tour International Pro Moscow – February 6, 2021
  • Click here for more info and to register. 

About the AJP Tour

Welcome to the Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu Pro™ (AJP). This new groundbreaking Professional Jiu-Jitsu Sport Organization is born to revolutionize the world of Jiu-Jitsu competitions. With 78 events in all six continents in each season, the AJP aims to elevate our sport to levels of excellence and professionalism never achieved before. 


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