Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds Results: Kade Ruotolo Becomes Lightweight Champion With A Buggy Choke

An exciting night of action at the Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds Lightweight Championship tonight culminated in a fast-paced finale between 10th Planet standout PJ Barch and Atos brown belt Kade Ruotolo.

Barch started the match by trying to pick up one of Ruotolo’s legs for a takedown, but Ruotolo managed to stabilize himself, and the two resumed hand-fighting. The coin flip put Barch on top with Ruotolo having butterfly guard, and Ruotolo used the position to open up a heel hook, which Barch defended. Barch then went for a heel hook of his own, and Ruotolo’s guard passing skills kept him out of trouble. After a brief scramble, Ruotolo went for an omoplata, and Barch defended and hunted for a leg from 50/50. Barch was patient in his attempts to expose the heel, and Ruotolo was equally composed as he rolled out of trouble and brought the match back to the feet.

Barch took Ruotolo back to the ground, and Ruotolo recovered his guard and ultimately returned to his feet. Ruotolo then scooped up a single-leg, but Barch got his foot back to the mat. After more hand-fighting, the coin flip resulted in Barch once again in Ruotolo’s butterfly guard. Barch flattened out his opponent, but was unable to pass his guard, and Ruotolo got back to his feet. Barch got Ruotolo to the ground and in side control, but Ruotolo set up a buggy choke. Barch tried to defend, but it was only seconds until he was forced to tap.

With the impressive finale win, Kade Ruotolo was crowned the Combat Jiu-Jitsu World Lightweight Champion.


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