Mikey Gonzalez Scores TKO In First Round Of CJJ Middleweights

It’s jiu-jitsu with strikes, and Mikey Gonzalez took full advantage.

Gonzalez immediately initiated powerful open handed strikes while Boudro played an open guard. The strikes opened a guard pass into mount position. The fight almost could have been ended by TKO just moments before the finish actually came, but the fighters were repositioned to the center of the mat. 

When they reset, Mikey Rolls took Boudro’s back while standing and suplexed him to the mat, then continued to pound away with strikes. As Boudro played Z guard, Gonzalez used strikes to come back to his feet, and continued to throw some of the hardest shots we’ve seen in Combat Jiu-Jitsu yet. Within moments, the fight was stopped via TKO with Boudro left swollen and bloody.


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