Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds // The Middleweights – Live Results: Ryan Aitken Crowned Champion

The day after Medusa 1, jiu-jitsu fans get yet another high-octane event with Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds The Middleweights.

The rules are intended to make the matches as exciting as possible, and they guide the martial art away from sport jiu-jitsu and into situations that are closer to real-life scenarios. No points, no judges. The match can only end by submission or TKO, as open-handed striking is allowed while on the ground. If there are no finishes after the 10-minute regulation period, then the fighters will go into EBI overtime. 

“I had a dream that I won this”, Ryan Aitken said in his post-fight interview. He also sang praise to his Championship opponent, Derek Rayfield, “I knew he was tough as s—-, I knew I was gonna have a problem with the leg locks. He slapped the s—- out of me. Kids tough.”

When asked if he would consider moving up to the CJJ Light Heavyweight division, his response was an enthusiastic, “Abso-f***in’-lutely.”


Felipe Fogolin def. Ivan Leyva via Japanese Neck-Tie

Ben Dyson def. Rodrigo Rafael via Triangle Choke

Mikey Gonzalez def. Carl Boudro via TKO

Matt Secor def. Adrian Nez vía TKO

Kyle Chambers def. Eduardo Nava via Inside Heel Hook

Calon Sabino def. Victor Rodríguez via Armbar in OT

Ryan Aitken def. Nick Greene via Inside Heel Hook

Hunter Colvin def. Jorge Tax via Arm Triangle


Ben Dyson def. Felipe Fogolin via Armbar

Derek Rayfield def. Matt Secor vía Escape Time in OT (Rayfield replaces Mikey Gonzalez – Gonzalez unable to return due to eye poke)

Kyle Chambers def. Calon Sabino via Armbar from Rear Triangle in OT

Ryan Aitken def. Hunter Colvin via RNC in OT


Derek Rayfield def. Ben Dyson via Armbar in OT

Ryan Aitken def. Kyle Chambers via Escape Time in OT


Ryan Aitken def. Derek Rayfield via RNC in OT


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