‘EBI20: The Absolutes’ Adds CJJ Superfight Between Champions Krikorian And Crelinsten

In an event that is already featuring an absolute(ly stacked) division with Craig Jones, Kyle Boehm, Nicky Rod, and many more, EBI 20 has now added a super fight between CJJ Featherweight Champion Keith Krikorian and CJJ Lightweight Champion Ethan Crelinsten.

B-Team’s Crelinsten won the CJJ Lightweight Championship in June of 2022, with Krikorian coming just one win away from a Finals match-up against Crelinsten. Krikorian, a Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez black belt, has made it known that he has his eye on the lightweight title and is looking to become CJJ’s first double-champ.

October 23rd’s Eddie Bravo Invitational 20 is happening in El Paso, Texas at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center and will stream live on UFC Fight Pass.


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