Abu Dhabi World Pro 2016 Black Belt Division Finals Are Now Set!

Every year, the Abu Dhabi Pro Black Belt Tournaments are the best places to check out the finest practitioners in all the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The 2016 ABU DHABI WORLD PRO Finals are now set, with six total divisions on the men’s side and four total divisions in the women’s side. The men’s side will see Hiago Silva face Joao Miyao (62KG), Paulo Miyao versus Marcio Andre (69KG), Roberto Satoshi against Gabriel Arges (77KG), Clausio Calasans versus Leandro Lo (85KG), Erbeth Santos against Felipe Pena (94KG) and Victor Honorio faces Richard Evangelista (over 94KG).

The women’s side of things will see Mackenzie Dern against Marina Ribeiro (55KG), Beatriz Mesquita taking on Bianca Basillo (62KG), Priscilla Cerqueira battles Nathiely Jesus (70KG) and Tayane Araujo versus Fernanda Mazzelli (over 70KG). No matter who walks away victorious in the finals, this will surely be ten fights worth watching in the end.

Black Belt Men’s Division

-62kg: Hiago Silva vs Joao Miyao
-69kg: Paulo Miyao vs Marcio Andre
-77kg: Roberto Satoshi vs Gabriel Arges
-85kg: Claudio Calasans vs Leandro Lo
-94kg: Erberth Santos vs Felipe Pena
+94kg: Victor Honorio vs Ricardo Evangelista

Black Belt Women’s Division

-55kg: Mackenzie Dern vs Marina Ribeiro
-62kg: Beatriz Mesquita vs Bianca Basilio
-70kg: Priscilla Cerqueira vs Nathiely Jesus
+70kg: Tayane Porfirio vs Fernanda Mazzelli


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