Anderson Silva Fails Drug Test, Out Of Competition With Kelvin Gastelum

Photo/Instagram: @spiderandersonsilva

Anderson Silva — the former UFC Middleweight Champion and arguably one of MMA’s GOAT’s — has failed another drug test.

This time Silva has failed an out of competition drug test for his upcoming fight against Kelvin Gastelum in Shanghai. According to MMA Fighting, the failure comes from a sample collected on October 26.

Silva has been provisionally suspended and is out of his fight against Gastelum. The fight would have taken place on November 25. The UFC said it is seeking a replacement for Kelvin.

Anderson Silva failed a drug test after his UFC 183 unanimous decision victory over Nick Diaz (Diaz also failed for marijuana use).  This latest drug test will almost certainly hurt the 42-year-old Silva’s legacy even more.


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