Conor McGregor Jumps Inside Bellator Cage And Goes Crazy On The Ref

Three things in life that are guaranteed: death, taxes, and Conor McGregor making headlines whenever he’s at an MMA event.

The UFC’s Notorious Lightweight Champion was at Bellator 187 in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, to watch teammate Charlie Ward fight. After Ward won, Conor jumped in the cage and celebrated with his teammate.

All good, right?

Right…that is until referee Marc Goddard tried to separate the two. For whatever reason, that didn’t fly well with McGregor, and he began pushing and shoving the referee. Three officials at the event had to get involved in order to escort the Lightweight Champion out, and few more had to get involved in order to keep him out of the cage.

Touching a referee can be a serious offense in mixed martial arts. Conor McGregor has only recently recovered from some blowback over using a homophobic slur backstage. He does not need any of the trouble that comes with touching a referee.

Check out the video below.


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