Anthony Smith’s Injuries Reportedly Include A Broken Nose & Two Missing Teeth

Anthony Smith’s loss to Glover Teixeira on May 13 was tough to watch. The fight made it to the fifth round and saw Smith take a serious beating from his opponent, commenting at one point that he felt like his teeth were falling out before Teixeira was declared the winner via TKO.

Well, Smith wasn’t exaggerating — ESPN journalist Ariel Helwani says that Smith told him via text that his injuries from the fight include a “broken nose, broken orbital bone, two missing teeth and a cut under his right eye.”

Fellow ESPN journalist Brett Okamoto had previously shared a message from Smith’s coach, Marc Montoya, that said that some of Smith’s teeth were veneers. However, Helwani said that the teeth that were knocked out (one front tooth and one back tooth) were real.

Smith, for his part, has shared his first message since the brutal fight, telling his followers to stop worrying and arguing:

While it will no doubt take Smith some time to recover from his injuries, we’ll hopefully see him back in the Octagon as soon as possible.


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