Tips For Choosing A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

With jiu-jitsu gaining more popularity, more people are enrolling in different academies each day. Choosing the right academy can be a tough gig as there are so many factors to put into consideration. Making the right choice is crucial as it will determine your drive, skill and overall progress throughout the journey. A few Tips for Choosing a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy should guide you through the selection process.


Jiu-jitsu is more of a journey. You want to choose an academy with the right kind of energy to fuel your drive. More importantly, you want to feel like you belong to the academy you end up choosing. When making your choice, ask yourself a few questions. Establish whether the members of staff are welcoming and if make you feel comfortable. You should also ask yourself whether the students are not only friendly but also helpful.


The cleanliness of the premises has a huge impact on your health. Given that jiu-jitsu involves lots of close contact, sweating and occasional injury, you should look for an academy that is keen on ensuring their premises are as clean as possible. Student vetting is also very important. An academy that allows students with active conditions to train could be exposing others to health risks.

One of the factors to consider are whether or not training mats are regularly cleaned. You also want to ensure that students wear clean uniforms and are well groomed. Confirm whether students take precautionary measures to ensure the training areas are clean such as wearing shoes when stepping off the training mats. Overall, check whether the entire academy is clean.

Quality of instruction

This is by far the most important factor to consider in making your decision. After all, you can only be as good as the quality of instruction and personal dedication you have. Take necessary measures to ensure the quality of instruction meets your needs and is reflective of sound jiu-jitsu technique and philosophy. One way to do this is by consulting a seasoned professional trainer. Moreover, there are plenty of review sites and forums that can provide useful information to guide you when making the choice.

Once you have found a potential academy to join, consider whether the instructor has a competition record. This is often an indication of whether he or she has what it takes to be successful in the sport. Other factors to have in mind include the overall performance of students in competition, the instructor’s training philosophy and how well the instructor articulates instructions to students among others.

The secret to getting the best academy is to understand exactly what you are looking for. In addition to other factors you may deem important, always consider what a reputable academy would offer as the basis for making your decision.


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