The Armlock From The Mount – A Mini Tutorial

Along with the triangle choke and the rear naked choke (watch for future Jiu-jitsu Times mini -Tutorials on these submissions!) the straight arm lock is probably the submission most people picture of when they think Bjj.
This week Jiu-jitsu Times takes you through some of the common problems, LOTS of details and defeating counters and combinations that you can work with the straight arm lock from mount.

Let’s start with common errors that many students make executing the straight armlock.
Grapplearts The Armbar: Three Most Common Errors

When we are talking about Advanced Basics, we see how many details there are to understand with the arm lock.
Shawn Williams Armbar From Mount Mega Details

Combination attack #1 – The Classic choke / arm lock attach
Roger Gracie, Armbar From Cross Collar Setup

Combination attack #1 – The Americana
Setting up S Mount Armbar with an Americana by James Clingerman

Ok, so you have attacked the arm lock but your opponent is not going to cooperate so easily…

Overcoming the opponent’s “lion kill” counter – the toughest grip to break!
The Armbar Switch Great Grappling

10 ways to break a stalled arm lock
Grapplearts 10 Ways to Finish the Armbar

What other techniques or positions would you like to see Jiu-jitsu Times cover in a mini-tutorial?

On Jiu-jitsu Times : Henry Akins on Principle or Concept Based Approach To Jiu-jitsu

Principle or Concept Based Approach To Jiu-jitsu


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