Tom DeBlass Open Letter To The Student Who Stops Training

A Coach and his kids. Photo courtesy of Tom DeBlass

In this very special video edition of Ask DeBlass, Professor Tom DeBlass addresses the student who has stopped training.  There are countless variations of the statistics of how many students actually begin their journey and make it all the way to black belt and beyond.  Regardless of the real numbers, we all know at least someone who has left the academy or left jiu jitsu for one of the million reasons or obstacles we can all fall prey to.  In this heartfelt plea, Coach DeBlass reminds us how much we truly are valued as students.

We miss you.

Your instructor most likely takes your absence very personally.  Perhaps pride stands in the way of them expressing it, but deep down, the loss of any student is felt by your coach, your peers and your academy.

I feel like I failed.

Your instructor is someone who has dedicated themselves to learning and teaching this very challenging martial art and sport we all love.  It’s very hard for them to not feel like they’ve let you down when you leave for whatever reason.

Everyone loves a comeback.

It is never too late to come back and begin again.  Your skills may have diminished a bit, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you didn’t let your fire die.

Forget about your doubts.

All of the other students have progressed.  People are going to judge me.  I’ve gained weight.  My skills are gone.  I’m embarrassed because people will see me as a quitter.  Who cares!?  Your coach and teammates will be so excited to see you come back, that all the rest won’t even matter.

Find the reason.

What brought you to the mats in the first place?  Something always brings us to the mats.  Whether it’s a need to get in shape, learn to protect yourself, or maybe a friend brought you to class one day.  Rediscover that reason.  That’s the spark for your fire.

Remember the first day.

No matter how hard, challenging or frustrating the first day was, admit it.  You loved it.  Put yourself back in that moment.  You can feel that way again.

It’s never over, if you don’t want it to be.

It’s up to you.  Your coach, your teammates and your academy will welcome you back with open arms.

We want EVERY student we’ve ever had.

Your instructor doesn’t just want new students.  They want EVERY student who’s ever stopped in for a trial class to feel what it’s like to achieve their goals, whether that’s their black belt, some fitness or self-defense goals.  That feeling of seeing their students become successful is more important than anything else in your instructor’s martial arts life.

Find your way back.  It will be appreciated.

Don’t give up.  Find your way back to the school.  Don’t be afraid.  You will make everyone, including yourself very very happy.

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