Attacking The Turtle – 5 Advanced Strategies

We looked at some options from the turtle position bottom a few weeks back in this video feature: The Purple Belt Position: The Turtle

The Purple Belt Position: The Turtle

This week, let’s take a look at some more advanced ideas for attacking a turtled defensive opponent. You can choke, armlock, put the opponent on their back, and transition into rolling attacks.

This is an awesome position and we have some really interesting attack sequence videos here:

Professor Jeremy “Gerbil” Arel of Great Grappling
If you’re using a cross face, this is how to transition to the clock choke position and put the opponent on his or her back.

Rolling Crucifix attack the turtle to collar choke
I LOVE this attack when my opponent tries to single leg me. If your training partners see you catch this in live rolling, you will be legend!

Garry Tonon – Taking the Back from Turtle Position
This is one of the most popular back takes used everywhere from submission only no-gi to the UFC.

20 Entries to The Truck by Geovanny “Freakahzoid” Martinez
The Truck is a position popularized by the 10th Planet guys. Think you know everything about using the Truck? Have a look at this video for some creative ideas.

Brandon Mullins Rolling Judo Entry for the Bow and Arrow Choke
I would say the bow and arrow choke might be the most successful submission that we see at the international black belt level. Here is a rolling entry from your opponent’s turtle.

Jiu-jitsu Times – The Kimura – 5 Less Common Techniques


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