Attempted Theft Foiled By Nearby Martial Artists Immobilizing Him With Jiu-Jitsu Skills

photo by: HFkravmaga/ baynews9

It was Thursday evening when David Menzies broke into a local bike store intending to steal expensive clothes and gear. A report by Baynews9 He grabbed the items and loaded them up in a Jeep that he just took for a test ride. The plan almost worked but he forgot one minor detail: next to the store is a self-defense studio and people were training there while he was busy pinching gear.

The Hammerfist studio specializes in Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu, two very effective styles of combat. Jason Carrio, its co-owner, noticed the noise coming out of the store and got curious. He and other instructors began to have suspicions so they went out back to check what was happening. When they saw Menzies, they began questioning him about all the stuff in his possession.

Menzies initially ignored the men and continued to load the bikes. When Carrio then informed him that he will call on the police to investigate, he simply said that he will wait in the car. The self-defense specialist knew that the suspected thief would just get away if he ever got inside the vehicle. Carrio decided to act in order to prevent this, taking him out of the car and immobilizing him with his jiu jitsu skills.

Bruce McCarthy, co-owner of the store Kona Swim Bike Run, recognized Menzies as he went inside the store the previous day and tried to pass himself off as a regular customer. McCarthy didn’t know then that he was already hatching a plan to steal from the store when he got the chance. Unfortunately for Menzies, he failed to notice that martial artists were just sitting next-door ready to spring into action on a moment’s notice.

Deputies who are investigating the crime confirmed that Menzies has already admitted to the attempted theft of both the bikes and the car.


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