How To Avoid Permanent Ear Damage When Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is an amazing sport that help participants maintain excellent health and agility! Unfortunately, because it a contact sport, permanent injuries are also likely to happen. One common area of the body that can take a lot of hits and look horrible if it is damaged is the ears.
The cartilage of the ear is what gives it shape. When this cartilage is damaged, the entire structure of the ear can change. The cartilage and the tissues separate as a result to physical damage and blood flow stops going to all of the ear’s necessary areas. When this happens, the blood flow to damaged areas can stop completely. This causes permanent cosmetic damage and literal deterioration of the existing cartilage. Repairing this permanent damage requires expensive plastic surgery. If you don’t have those funds and such damage occurs, cauliflower ear will be permanent.

Cauliflower ear is very common, and basically destroys the ear’s shape and structure, and can even go so far as to leave the ear looking like a blob on the side of your head. This is why earguards for BJJ and cauliflower ear prevention are so important. Earguards should be worn as often as possible, and most certainly when there is any ear pain. Hard-shell headgear is good during wrestling time and will protect the ears best, especially if there has already been injury. Soft headgear easily adjusts to the head for comfort and protection. It is recommended that research be done to find the appropriate protection for the ears.
Please don’t be embarrassed going to class wearing protective gear. It is way better to protect yourself and your looks than to worry about what your classmates think! Save the expense and the embarrassment of dealing with permanent ear damage.

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