Ever Not Signed Up For Competition Because You Think You’re Not Good Enough?

Before you step on the mats for your next training session or competition–or bail out on the chance to do either–click play on this message from Nick “Chewy” Albin to remember why exactly we’re all doing this. Spoiler alert: It’s not medals, swords, or six-pack abs.

“A battle had been waged [when you were on the mats], a kind of internal siege where you beat back the armies of your own anxiety, harsh judgements, and laziness. Defeated were the thoughts of skipping training or sitting out another round, or not signing up for the competition because deep down you don’t think you’re good enough.”


Here’s two William Wallace-style minutes of Chewy hyping you up about becoming a black belt in submitting the real adversary in life.

“The enemy is not your opponent at competition, nor is it your training partner…the enemy is yourself.”


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