Berkut 2 Jiu Jitsu Invitational Full Results

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is usually abbreviated to BJJ. It is an exciting sport and its popularity has been growing in different parts of the world. On November 21 2015, the world witnessed a great BJJ event. This is the Berkut Jiu-Jitsu invitational and some of the most famous grapplers in the sport participated in this event. The great thing is that there was a healthy mix of veterans and relatively new grapplers at the event.

The Berkut BJJ invitational was held in Moscow and a number of new rules were added at the event. Some of these rules include the ones below:

The referee will now decide if there is a clear victor even if the scoreboard indicates draw
There will be one point for full point, take down or back-mount
Matches have an initial period of 15 minutes but there will be added 5 minutes overtime if matches end in a draw
There will be no points for sweeps, knee on belly or for side control

Below are Berkut 2 BJJ results at the event:

1.Tainan Dalpra submited Talib Bataev (Gi Match)

2.Rafael Navas Won By Ref. Decision Against Muhammad Abdulkadirov (No Gi)

3.Abdurakhman Bilarov Submitted Jackson Sousa By Heel Hook (No Gi)

4.Muhammad Kerimov Submitted Dean Lister By Head And Arm Choke Shoulder Pressure (No Gi)

5.Arbi Muradov Defeated Alex Cabanes By Points 4-2 (No Gi)

6.Osvaldo “Queixinho” And Joao Miyao Draw (Gi Match)

7.Caio Terra Submitted Milton Bastos By Collar Choke (Gi Match)

8.Claudio Calasans And Lucas Rocha Draw (Gi Match)

9.Paulo Miyao Won By Ref. Decision Against Samir Chantre (Gi Match)

10.Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes Won By Ref. Decision Against AJ Agazarm (Gi Match)

11.Felipe Pena Defeated Yuri Simoes By Points 4-2 (No Gi)

12.Andre Galvao Defeated Romulo Barral By Points 1-0 (No Gi)

You can see all the results and even watch of all the matches replay at


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