Berkut 3 Full Result

Recently, Berkut BJJ 3 assembled many of the top grapplers for an extended ‘East meets West’ jiu jitsu extravaganza in Grozny, Russia.

Ten matches were featured on the main card.

The top of the bill was Romulo Barral versus Yuri Simões, which Simoes won via referee decision. Simoes was gracious in victory, and full of praise for his opponent after the bout.

The other main match saw Felipe Pena claim victory over Jackson Sousa via rear chokehold.

Here are the results for the rest of the card:

Clark Gracie defeated Magid Hage via referee decision.

Edwin Najmi defeated Osvaldo Moizinho via referee decision.

Erberth Santos defeated Abdurakhman Bilarov via referee decision.

Gabriel Arges defeated Alan Nascimento via referee decision.

AJ Agazarm defeated Marat Gafurov via referee decision.

Caio Terra defeated Yusup Saadulaev via referee decision.

Mahamed Aly defeated Muhamed Kerimov via referee decision.

Samir Chantre defeated Daud Adaev with a toe hold.


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