Bernardo Faria Explains The Origin Of His Unofficial Catchphrase “Huge Honor For Me”

Bernardo Faria, a.k.a BJJ Fanatics co-founder, accomplished BJJ black belt, and overall delightful and friendly person, has been sharing technique videos online for a while now. And if you spend a decent amount of time learning jiu-jitsu from the internet, you’ve probably heard him say, “Huge honor for me” in almost all of his videos.

The respectful phrase and Faria’s upbeat demeanor have helped make this his unofficial catchphrase — Faria’s viewers basically expect him to say it now, and the best part is, it’s not just a casual throwaway line that Faria uses as part of his video openings. He’s put a lot of thought into why he says it, and he revealed his reasoning in his latest video. If you’re tired of the trash talk and disrespect in BJJ, his explanation will really resound with you. Take a look:


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