Viral Bullying Victim Gets One Week Bullyproof Training, Watch His Incredible Transformation

A few months back, a video surfaced on the internet where a grade-schooler Luis had been the victim of a one-sided bullying episode. The Gracie Brothers decides to take action, flying him and his family out to undergo a week of intense training where they went into depth teaching the Gracie Bullyproof curriculum. As seen in the video, Luis begins to fall in love with jiu-jitsu, even pegging it as amongst his favorite activities that he’s ever done.

Despite being so young, Luis appeared extremely well-spoken and impressed the lot of Gracie University students, sparring Rener on the last day of the week in front of a packed group class. After the ensuing display, he connected with many of the students and was sent back to his home in Florida with a scholarship to continue his jiu-jitsu training. Watch and witness the incredible transformation Luis made in only one week.

The Gracies will be holding their annual Bullyproof Summer Camp in Torrance on July 20-24, as well as other locations around the world. See if there is one near you and sign your child up to give them the tools to hold their own on the playground no matter what potential bully may approach them.


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