BJJ Belts: For Time Or Achievement?

Should you get a Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt for time on the mats or for achievement?

This is the question that Professor Ryan Young answers in his latest video.

Young is strongly in favor of the latter option: achieving a belt for achievement.

“Your belt should be an achievement of what you know,” he tells his viewers. “Not for how long you’ve been in.”

Young elaborated on this concept earlier in the video:

It doesn’t make any sense for me have someone who shows up and they show up the class 200 times, and they know nothing, but yet because they came to class 200 times they get a blue belt versus somebody who showed up 200 times and learned everything for me to have them be on the same track. 

What do you think of Professor Young’s opinions? Which is more important for earning a rank: time on the mats or achievement? Are both equally important?

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