BJJ Black Belt & “Because Jitsu” Creator Drew Weatherhead Releases Reverse Kimura Instructional

It’s hard to lead a double life as jiu-jitsu’s most famous meme creator and a serious BJJ black belt, but Drew Weatherhead has managed to pull it off. Since earning his black belt, the Because Jitsu creator had been putting out free technique videos on the internet. If you’ve gotten a lot out of what he has to teach, you now have the opportunity to get even deeper into his grapple brain with his newly released Reverse Kimura instructional.

The “reverse kimura” is a technique that Weatherhead has been using and teaching in some capacity for a while. You can get a brief rundown on the technique below:

If you believe the reverse kimura would benefit your game, you can try out Weatherhead’s instructional for free. The trial includes three free videos and intro-level access to the instructional system. If you like what you’re learning, you can then go on to purchase full access to the instructional for a one-time payment of $79 USD.

The move is a big step forward for the Canadian, who has relentlessly pursued new endeavors in his jiu-jitsu career. He’s also received a great review for it already, which you can read here if you want to know what to expect.


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