Female BJJ Champions Respond To Rousey

Female BJJ Champions respond to Ronda Rousey

In a previous report, Ronda Rousey had calimed that she could easily beat just about any BJJ female fighters, no matter the weight class that they are in. After hearing such boasts, there are now several jiujitsu champions who have responded, and are interested in accepting her challenge.

The UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey had made numerus headlines in the past week, where she made bold claims about her other female competitors. TheNicolini claims originally rose from how she felt that most Judo based fighters do not get the respect that they deserve, though they quickly branched out against other female fighters in her field. She claimed that she could beat just about any BJJ female fighter in the world, no matter what weight division they are in.

After she had issued such statements, they sparked a lot of controversy and discussion among her fans and peers. There are many women who are interested in seeing Ronda Rousey make good on her claims and nine jiujitsu champions recently spoke to Gracie Mag about the statements that Ronda Rousey had issued.

To begin with, Michelle Nicolini, who is a seven time world champion, believed that Ronda Rousey had spoken very disrespectfully. She believed that not even the
1strongest jiujitsu champions would have ever said something like that. She believes that no one is unbeatable, and that she wants to fight Rousey so that she can represent all women in jiujitsu who were bothered by the comments. She believes that if Ronda Rousey was that good, she could register for the World Championships.

Another fighter who took offense to the words was Beatriz Mesquita, who was the 2014 lightweight and the absolute world champion. Her words were that she believed that Ronda Rousey was completely wrong in her claims, and that she could not beat any current black belt world champions. These statements were enough to cause controversy among fans as well, but she would go on to discuss the skill levels of all of the current fighters. She believes that their skills are so high, that Ronda Rousey would simply not be able to compete, despite the fact that she is a powerful judo fighter. She has also said that she would love for the chance to fight Ronda Rousey, and then discussed what promoters would be interested in the match. Her parting words sparked even more controversy when she belittled judo and spoke highly of jiujitsu.

Gabi Garcia, who is an eight time world champion, has stated that she believes that Ronda Rousey has no idea what she is saying. She found the display of disrespect and lack of humility deplorable and was not happy with the words against an entire martial arts style as a whole. She has stated that the first and foremost qualities of any champion is to be humble and respectful of other fights. In order to follow such words, she believes that she can match everything that Ronda Rousey has said, and that she is ready to fight with her under the same circumstances as Rousey has issued.

Finally, Hannette Staack, who was another seven time world champion has said that she personally believes that Ronda Rousey has no idea what she is talking about, and that she could fight her in a good match. She said that she would love for the chance to get in the ring with her so that she could represent the best of her class. She believes that even though Rousey is a tough opponent, she has the tools necessary to beat her in a fair match.


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