Bjj And Other Combat Sports Tournament In NY Will Now Require Sanctioning bodies, Promoter Fees, Additional Insurances And Bonding

Apparently bjj and other combat sports tournament in NY need sanctioning bodies, promoter fees, additional insurances and bonding. They cannot just operate without paying due fees and receiving the appropriate certifications. Combat sports include Grappling (jiu-jitsu), judo, karate, kickboxing, wrestling and the like. To legally hold events in the state of New York, the entity must meet several requirements. First, it must purchase a license that lasts for two years and costs $1,000. Secondly, the entity must file for $30,000 worth of bonds. The first $20,000 worth of bonds is for purse payments and advertising. The next $10,000 worth of bonds is for a performance guarantee.

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The person who requests the license must supply his or her social security number before the New York Department of State proceeds with issuing the license. It is a law that the State Athletic Commission must collect the social security number of any party that requests such licensing. The applicant can send a check or money order to the Department of State and someone will process the application at that time. Applicants need to make sure that they have adequate funding in the bank because the department will charge a $20 for any checks that bounce.



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