BJJ Community Rallies To Help Black Belt Kevin Synan In His Fight Against Kidney Cancer

Image Source: Kevin Synan via Facebook

The jiu-jitsu community is working together once again to help a fellow BJJ practitioner in need.

Roberto Traven black belt and owner/head instructor of Fighting Chance Fitness Kevin Synan has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, and a GoFundMe has been set up to help support his family and pay for his treatment.

The fundraiser states that Synan’s cancer has spread to his spine, and treating the disease will affect his ability to work in such a physically demanding industry. The Florida-based black belt — whose family members are also passionate members of the BJJ community — has a number of people who vouch for him as being a great human being as well as a great coach, and as anyone with high medical bills knows, every cent counts when it comes to fighting an illness like cancer.

Dave Zavarella, who set up the GoFundMe, had this to say about Synan:

If you know Kevin, you are lucky enough to know an amazing husband, father, friend and citizen.  For the last twelve years, he and his family have successfully run a martial arts academy where they have inspired thousands of adults and kids to live not only a more healthy lifestyle but to also be good humans.  Kevin has a tireless work ethic and a passion for life that is contagious.

Our dear friend is now faced with the challenge of fighting kidney cancer that has spread to his spine and will require multiple treatments and surgeries.  As a small business owner, this will have a significant impact on Kevin’s ability to provide for his family as well as result in an unknown amount of medical expenses.

Please help support Kevin and his family during this fight so they can focus on his health.  No contribution is too small. Thank you!

You can donate to the GoFundMe here, and if you can’t afford any donations right now, please share the fundraiser so that others can contribute to his expenses.


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