The BJJ Dream And Why You Should Follow Yours

Jiu-Jitsu is awesome and it’s no wonder why so many people end up pursuing it as a career choice. I have heard many people speak about the downside to trying to make this transition and surly there is always going to be adversity in any endeavor. And while some people may simply like Jiu-Jitsu as a hobby; I know many people would truly love to make it a career in one way or another. People often think that teaching is the only way to make money in BJJ and while that is a great way and a primary way; there are other avenues such as running a BJJ related business, blog, running tournament promotions and event investing in others ideas. I want to focus on the top reasons you should follow your dream and make a career out of BJJ.

  • Passion- If you are truly passionate about something, it’s a lot easier to dedicate yourself to it. I know many of us have worked less than desirable jobs and hated every second. While Making BJJ a career will still be difficult and challenging; it is a lot easier to grind the time out when it is something you enjoy.
  • More Training- This one can go either way, but in general you will get to spend more time on the mat training. Although if you are running a company you may get pretty busy, it seems like you could always squeeze in another training session.
  • Schedule Freedom- The worst part of a normal job is being locked into a schedule. If you own a business or end up with a successful academy it a lot easier to schedule your time and make the schedule that best fits your day. You will be your own boss (in some aspects) and while you always have to have your ducks in a row; you have the ability to do what you want (within reason).


There are just 3 reasons that have made me want to pursue BJJ as a career and I think that I am not alone in this. What other reasons have made you want to pursue the BJJ Dream ?


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