BJJ Globetrotters Makes COVID-19 Testing Mandatory To Attend Camps

The BJJ Globetrotters organization had announced that negative COVID-19 tests will be mandatory in order to attend their camps.

BJJ Globetrotters founder Christian Graugart shared the announcement in the Members of BJJ Globetrotters Facebook group, adding that two people who had signed up for the Austria Globetrotters camp tested positive before attending (and subsequently did not attend), even though they didn’t have symptoms. Graugart also expressed hope that other organizations would take similar measures and called out the IBJJF for what he believes are lackluster COVID-19 prevention measures.

Globetrotters has also released a blog post detailing their recommended safety measures for the foreseeable future for large BJJ events. They included this graphic in the post to explain the requirements to participate in their camps:


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