3rd Coast Grappling Releases Kumite VI Bracket: Jimenez, Hugo, & More To Battle For $10,000

3rd Coast Grappling is nearly done with their Kumite series, which has entertained the jiu-jitsu world throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. But they still have a couple more events planned, and one of them is a stacked card set for mid-September: 3CG Kumite 6.

The event will see a number of 3CG Kumite veterans — including multiple Kumite champions — taking to the mats once again to grapple for the $10,000 grand prize. Mirroring previous Kumite events, the sixth installment will also feature a number of superfights throughout the night.

Here are the first-round bracket matchups:

Victor Hugo vs. Lucas Barbosa

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Both of these competitors have competed for the $10,000 grand prize before, but out of the two of them, only Hugo has won it. Hugo made the 3CG: Kumite II championship part of his ongoing winning streak, and he’ll be hungry to win it again. But first, he has to get past Barbosa, a multiple-time no-gi world champion. Barbosa was stopped by fellow Kumite VI competitor Fellipe Andrew at Kumite IV, and if he can make it past Hugo, there’s a chance we’ll see a rematch between the two in the next round.

Fellipe Andrew vs. Arian de Melo

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Andrew has made it to the 3CG Kumite finals twice, being stopped by Victor Hugo at Kumite II and Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu at Kumite IV. Could this be the one that finally gets him that $10,000 prize? The ADCC veteran will certainly not have an easy road to the top, and it starts with de Melo. The Gracie Barra brown belt is certainly the underdog in this match, but it would be a mistake to underestimate him. De Melo has graced the 3CG mats multiple times and accrued an impressive record in the process, winning all five of his matches for the promotion. He’s also collected a number of gold medals in the IBJJF circuit. No matter which competitor wins this match, they certainly won’t be cruising to victory.

Gustavo Batista vs. Gabriel Almeida

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Batista already won the first 3CG Kumite event, and he’s back for more. The World and Pans champion was stopped in the semifinals by Fellipe Andrew on his quest to win 3CG Kumite II, and if he makes it past Almeida, we could see a rematch between him and Andrew in the finals. Of course, Almeida has proven himself to be a serious force to be reckoned with, too. Though Almeida was also stopped by Andrew (at 3CG Kumite IV), he’s riding the momentum of a victory against Manuel Ribamar at Fight 2 Win 150 last weekend. Perhaps the second time will be the charm for him to go all the way to win the $10,000.

Roberto Jimenez vs. ???

Though Ricardo Evangelista was originally slated to be Jimenez’s first-round opponent, he had to pull out due to a neck injury. Now, Jimenez is left facing a mystery opponent, who the promotion expects to announce soon. Jimenez’s presence is practically guaranteed at 3CG Kumite events now. He was the runner-up at the first Kumite, won Kumite III, made it to the semifinals in Kumite IV, and won the $10,000 grand prize at Kumite V (though the victory itself was later changed to a no-contest ruling due to a controversial finish). There’s a lot of rematch potential in this bracket for Jimenez if he makes it past the first round, and you can be sure the end result of Kumite V has only motivated him to make it to the top again.

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Here is the full lineup of superfights for the night:

  1. Brandon Gambucci vs Curry Gaut
  2. Micheal Esquivel vs Omar Hillail
  3. Orin Nova vs Jordan Vaisman
  4. Ricky Peoples vs Jordan Plutin
  5. Abel Salazar vs Duke Edwards
  6. Jay Spiegel vs Isaiah Malik Carlson
  7. Andy Cordova vs Sergei Zack Edwards
  8. Casidy Welch vs Shannon O’Shea
  9. Cristian Guzman vs Brandon Gutierrez
  10. Kristin Kotinek vs Jessica Crane

3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite VI will take place on September 12 and can be streamed live on FloGrappling.


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