Why BJJ Is Good For Kids

Photo by Joey Simoes. Used with permission.

by Emily Simoes

My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) journey began when I was 9 years old, I’m now 13. Two months after my first class, I entered my first tournament and won silver in a division of three. I guess I’ve been around long enough to have formulated a good “kids” prospective of the BJJ experience, so I’ll break it down from personal experience.

Good Habits

Okay, let’s start with the simple fact that BJJ actually creates good habits and removes bad ones.

For example, I used to spend hours playing video games, watching TV, and just hanging with friends. After I started BJJ, I found my lifestyle slowly began to change. I stopped wasting time playing videos games and doing mindless things. I slept better, woke up more refreshed, and I was hungry for a healthy breakfast. I started paying more attention to what I ate, had more energy, and started to feel strong and far more confident. I also noticed I was sharper mentally!

Photo by Joey Simoes. Used with permission.


I guarantee your kids will make new awesome friends! The social aspect of BJJ is the meeting of new people and making new friends that have the same thing in common. I can tell you, I have made lots of great friendships that will likely last a lifetime. BJJ friends are different than the ones you have at school. It’s hard to explain, but there is a certain wolf pack team vibe, especially when we all compete together at tournaments.


BJJ actually impacted my school marks for the best! I know this one may sound strange, but as I continued to do the sport, my marks went up! I’ve had an easier time concentrating in class. Maybe it’s because I have more energy and can concentrate better.


At first it is hard. We all get nervous, but this experience builds so much confidence! In my opinion, tournaments are where your kids turn into fearless warriors! Personally I love competing! Competition showed me that having a positive mindset will have a positive outcome! For you as a parent, it might be scary watching your child fight in tournaments (from experience of my mom stressing for me lol) Trust me when the time comes to compete, they will be ready! Your kids will have trained for that moment; their professor will know when they are ready!

BJJ, especially for tournaments, also builds discipline.

Photo by Joey Simoes. Used with permission.


As in any sport, sometimes you get injured. Believe me, I’ve had
my share, but it’s taught me to be patient and take care of myself to
come back stronger. Your children will learn the same. It’s about never giving up!

Real-World Self-Defense And Anti-Bullying

Let’s not forget that BJJ is actually one of the best real world self-defense systems! For kids it is also a great anti-bulling skill. I had my experiences with bullies, so I know first hand the value that BJJ gives us when confronting cowards! I no longer get

In conclusion, I find BJJ to be unique and life changing! It’s great for kids and adults. I hope you give it a try. I’m sure your family will love it! Take the time to research for a good BJJ academy in your area. If you have any questions, I can try to help. You can contact me via my page on Facebook.


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