BJJ Legend Fabio Gurgel Gives Crucial Advice For Older Grapplers Struggling To Pass Guard

Passing guard is hard enough, but it certainly doesn’t get easier with age. Being an older grappler comes with its own unique set of challenges, and many techniques that work for younger athletes may be far more difficult for BJJ athletes aged 40 and above.

Fabio Gurgel is well acquainted with these struggles. At age 48, he’s led an amazingly accomplished career, having earned the rank of sixth-degree black belt and becoming a world champion four times. If you’re not exactly fresh out of college anymore, listen to his conversation with Stephan Kesting and see what you can learn!


  1. No disrespect but I don’t understand what I was supposed to gain from this article. Maybe if he demonstrated something or the video was started earlier it would provide more insight.


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