BJJ Purple Belt Chokes Out Bigger Opponent With Guillotine Choke In A Street Fight

He was outsized, but this BJJ purple belt wasn’t about to be pushed around.

In this clip, which is under a minute, a man starts throwing jabs at a BJJ purple belt.  The purple belt then goes in for a single and manages to take the guy down. The bigger man is still holding on, though.

A group of men are watching the fight, and for some reason they step in to pull the bigger man’s arms off the purple belt. However, they don’t try to stop the fight.

The purple belt then maneuvers to a front headlock and stands up for a guillotine choke. The bigger man starts tapping frantically, but the purple belt doesn’t let go.

Finally, the bigger man goes unconscious and the purple belt drops him to the mat.  The purple belt then kicks him and walks away.

Check out the video below:


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