BJJ Stars 4: Gabi Garcia Defeats Claudia Do Val

Photo: bjjstarsoficial

The main event superfight of BJJ Stars 4 saw a dominant display of control from four-time ADCC champion Gabi Garcia, while her opponent, #1-ranked IBJJF competitor Claudia do Val, demonstrated excellent defense despite a significant size difference.

Garcia started the match by pulling closed guard, and as do Val tried to open the guard, Garcia inched toward the back and locked in a body triangle. As do Val focused on defending the choke, Garcia put her hooks in and scored the four points for the back take. Do Val worked her way out of back control inch by inch and turtled up, and the referee moved them to the center of the mat.

Garcia seemed to then go for a clock choke, but do Val worked her way out of danger and pulled guard. Garcia worked to pass, eventually getting past do Val’s legs and scoring another three points as she settled into side control. Do Val again worked to turtle up, and with under two minutes left, Garcia managed to pull do Val over and try to work for back control again. Still, do Val got to her knees again and regained turtle guard, but with about ten seconds left in the match, Garcia got both hooks in and scored another four points.

Garcia was awarded the win via points, 11-0.


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