BJJ Stars 4 Results: Leandro Lo Defeats Isaque Bahiense To Win Middleweight GP

After an exciting night of matches and superfights at BJJ Stars 4, the Middleweight GP final saw Leandro Lo take on Isaque Bahiense to see who would take home the title and grand prize.

Lo pulled guard, prompting a fast-paced scramble as Bahiense tried to pass until the competitors got back to their feet. Lo pulled guard again and worked to establish grips, and Bahiense pushed forward and nearly took Lo down out of bounds. Lo saved himself with a sprawl, and the two returned to the center. Lo then pulled guard again, and both competitors attacked each other’s ankles for a moment before they scrambled out of bounds again. After some inaction on the feet, both athletes were penalized for stalling. Lo pulled guard again, keeping Bahiense trapped there and searching for grips before eventually looking for a cross-collar choke. Bahiense defended by pushing down on the knee to open the guard and driving his forearm into Lo’s throat. Eventually, Lo let go of the choke and opened his guard, and a scramble ensued. Lo and Bahiense again ended up on their feet, and Lo tried another guard pull before hurrying to his feet again. With about a minute to go, Lo jumped closed guard again, opening it momentarily before charging forward with a single-leg, ultimately taking Bahiense down out of bounds. The effort was enough to earn him an advantage in the last ten seconds of the match, and Bahiense wasn’t able to get any points before the match ended.

Leandro Lo was declared the winner of the match and the Middleweight Grand Prix.


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