F2W 157 Results: Fields Defeats DeBlass & Rocha Wins With A Heel Hook

Fight 2 Win 157 once again brought the action to Philadelphia, with a night of high-intensity matches culminating in another win for Vagner Rocha and a return from competitive retirement from Tom DeBlass. In the end, though, it was Chad Fields who took home the master superheavyweight no-gi title.

Co-Main Event

Vager Rocha vs. Gabriel Almeida

Rocha took Almeida to the ground and worked for a toehold from a leg triangle, but Almeida was able to escape from danger. After some hand-fighting, Almeida pulled guard and worked to attack one of Rocha’s ankles while Rocha tried to pass the guard. Almeida stayed safe by inverting, but after they stood up, Rocha took him back to the ground. They didn’t stay there for long, though, and soon returned to the feet to wrestle. Almeida shot for a single-leg and held the ankle before pulling guard, where the competitors ended up in 50/50. Rocha looked for a moment like he might attack the arm, but then he sat back for an inside heel hook. Despite Almeida’s attempt to roll out of it, Rocha got the tap and won the match.

Main Event

Tom DeBlass vs. Chad Fields

DeBlass pulled guard and maintained good frames while Fields moved to half-guard, standing up briefly before returning to try to pass DeBlass’ guard. After briefly returning to the feet, Fields ended up in DeBlass’ closed guard, but the guard was soon opened, and DeBlass played half-guard for a while before returning to closed guard. The competitors separated and returned to their feet. Fields sprawled to defend a takedown, and DeBlass again returned to closed guard. As the clock wound down, Fields worked to flatten out DeBlass’ half-guard, but neither athlete was able to finish the match before time ran out.

Fields was awarded the unanimous decision victory from the judges and took home the master superheavyweight title.


Black Belt

Chad Fields def Tom DeBlass dec Becomes Masters Super Heavy Weight NOGI Champ

Vagner Rocha def Gabriel Almeida inside heel hook SOTN

Steven Williams def Kyle Myers dec

Dylan Royce def Garret Lavaggi dec

Rich Hernandez def Jared Weiner dec

Joseph Baize def Kyle Hughes dec

JZ Cavalcante def Nick Ronan dec FOTN

Josh Pike def Dom Hoskins dec

William Wolk def Jay Wadsworth dec

Brown Belts

Yonathan Cardenas def Manuel Farfan Guillotine

Cristina Pinto def Gabby Etzel leg lock

Rene Sousa def Jeremiah Wells dec

Ryan Thomas def Chris Thompson dec

Ellis Karadag def David Weintraub dec FOTN

Ruben Blanco def Jonathon Crow shoulder lock SOTN

Purple Belts

Christine Briggs def Mary Kupp Head and Arm Choke

Jess Feliciano def Jacquelyn Gola heel hook

Kyle Milanese def Patrick Simpson dec

Tyler Rivera def Nick Toscano armbar

Samantha Fisher def Jillian Peterson d’arce

Eric Williams def Gabriel Barbosa armbar

Benjamin Kunzle def Christopher Emery armbar SOTN

Calvin Tacey def Daishi Goto Dec FOTN

Steve Joachim def Julian Flenory omaplata

Blue Belts

Brett McGill def Nick Mancini Split Decision

Justin Pack def Robert Andrews Dec

Jaevan Owens def Mark Aguirre Dec

Jack McGill def Josh Dziewa Dec

Dylan Cordell def Daniel Ramirez Jr. dec

Teen Title

Michael Gillin def Wilson Sojo dec, becomes Teen Light Weight NOGI Champ FOTN


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