BJJ : Top 10 Pet Peeves

Spring is here! I’ll say it again, Spring is here! And with the beautiful weather comes a slew of other not so beautiful jiu-jitsu issues. It’s flip-flop season and that means dirty feet! So what you exclaim. Well, to be honest I notice these things because I hate feet, with a passion. I don’t even know how I practice jiujitsu because it’s beyond reasonable. But anyway, I talked to some BJJ practitioners to find out what some of their pet peeves are.

* know it alls, any belt rank, and insist they KNOW even when Professor has stated otherwise

* people who slack

* smelly / dirty Gis and apparel

* guys who underestimate girls (and sometimes vice versa)

* people who train when they’re sick

* the big EGO

* the BJJ bully, relying on strength bs using their technique or just being straight mean

* people who talk during instruction, it’s rude & distracting

* the “wait how did we get here” question askers during rolling when they’re about to be submitted or the buzzers about to go off and you’re in a dominant position

* the excuse makers for why they lost. It’s the refs fault, I was being nice… Blah blah blah.

To each their own. In a martial art where body space isn’t recognized and trust during training is a must, we all grow that much better for it. You can’t continue to be a person who does the above things, or who is continuously bothered by these things; and expect to grow. We all change as we get further into our journey and hopefully come to realize that change has made us a well rounded person. (But people, side note, wash your gear!!!)


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