Black Belt, Coach, and Military Veteran Kenny Bond Passes Away

Professor Kenny Bond, instructor a Street Sports Simi Valley, has passed away. He departs after a long battle with GBM, a form of aggressive brain cancer.

Bond’s jiu-jitsu journey began in 1995 when he began training with Royce Gracie. He was a regular competitor, notably winning the PanAms gold in 2003–the same year he was promoted to black belt by Renato Magno. A registered nurse, Bond served as a US Air Force medic in the Gulf War. He was loved by his students and teammates, and known for a focus on releasing ego and encouraging positive attitudes.

“I view Jiu Jitsu as not just as sport, but as a lifestyle that changes lives for the better,” Bond wrote in his own bio.

Bond┬áleaves behind his wife, Nadine, and two sons. A GoFundMe has been set up under the name the “Kenny Bond Memorial Fund” to help Nadine with expenses related to raising Jacob and Zachary. Both sons are martial artists like their father. You can donate to their education by clicking here.


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