Black Belt & Grapplearts Founder Stephan Kesting Offers Free Instructional To All Organ Donors

BJJ black belt Stephan Kesting is well known for his contributions to the online jiu-jitsu instructional industry. His business, Grapplearts, offers numerous detailed instructionals for athletes looking to improve their BJJ, and now, he’s putting out an offer that seems too good to be true (but isn’t).

Yesterday on Reddit, Kesting shared the incredible story of how organ donation saved his life and gave his family a bit of peace when one of his brothers passed away:

In 2015 I had a kidney transplant that saved my life.  My kidneys were down to 12% function due to Polycystic Kidney Disease and I was on death’s door.  My brother gave me a kidney that saved my life.  The full story of that transplant  and recovery is here.

Obviously it worked!  I’m still alive, able to train, raise my kids, etc.  In fact to celebrate my survival and to bring awareness to organ donation I’m about to set off on a 1,000 mile canoe trip by myself through the Canadian Arctic down to Hudson Bay (map, google earth file, and more info about the trip here)

Here’s the punchline…

I think that organ donation is incredibly important.  Having seen my parents deal with the death of one of my other brothers (motorcycle accident) I know that they were really helped by the fact that his organs were donated.  His death was terrible, but the fact that he saved other people’s lives with his heart, his kidneys, etc. made it a little less worse for them.

Now, Kesting is putting out an offer to encourage others to become organ donors: send him a picture validating your donor status, and receive one of his instructionals (many of which are valued at nearly $100) for free. Yes, it’s that simple.

“Like I talked about in my podcast, if you have signed your donor card (or taken whatever steps you need to take where ever you live) so that after you die you may help someone else I’ll give you one of my online BJJ instructionals for free.  You can choose any of the instructionals on Grapplearts here.

Obviously I’ll be gone and out of commission this summer, but if you email a pic of your donor card/driver’s license/other proof of being registered as an organ donor to my helper we’ll get you hooked up with the instructional of your choice. Just email support **at** with that pic, OK?

Becoming an organ donor can save multiple lives, but if that’s not enough to convince you, hopefully the promise of improving your jiu-jitsu (for free!) can provide the push you need to sign up.


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