Black Belt Kid Vs. White Belt Adults

How would an adult with a white belt do against a kid with a black belt?  Watch the video to find out. | Video by BuzzFeedBlue


    • A four minute video of a “black belt” girl doing some fancy moves and “beating up” sissy adults doesn’t make TMA garbage. There are those out there that practice TMA that actually know what they’re doing, and that are legitimate black belts in their respective systems. Throwing out blanket statements like “TMA are garbage” just shows one of two things: ignorance or lack of respect for others.

      • Prove to me a 2 stripe white belt couldn’t dominate all participants in this video.

        Let’s ignore it’s clickbait from buzzfeed, and they specifically assign the least capable for the job.

        • Could you not tell I disapprove of those featured in this video? Were the quotations around black belt not a good indicator of a sarcasm? Then let me rephrase part of my initial comment: A four minute video of a “black belt” girl doing gymnastics tricks under the label of “martial arts” and “beating up” sissy adults (whom look like older teens, not so much adults) doesn’t make TMA garbage.

          There. Now I think its clear I do not support those in this video. Real TMA practitioners that train real martial arts don’t waste time with fancy moves that only look nice. They’re legit. Many of them need to add ground techniques to their arsenal, but they know how to take care of themselves.


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