4 Back Take Videos

The back mount is considered to be the most dominant position in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
It is one thing to know how to choke once you secure the position, but it is quite another to capture the position against an experienced opponent.

Here are four of my favorite back takes. Try them out for yourself!

Draculino BJJ – Arm Drag

If you play butterfly or seated guard, you need to have this in your arsenal.

Taking the back from side control & collar choke chair sit from gift wrap

The “Chair Sit” is a MUST KNOW technique when you are in side control.

Taking the back from & collar choke – BJJ back attacks


This will help you with no-gi players who like to entangle the legs. No one does it better than Marcelo Garcia.

Rubens Cobrinha: Taking the back > roll forward from turtle

This rolling forward back take is used everywhere – in the UFC, in submission grappling, and with the kimono.

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