Black Belt Submits Dyslexia With Jiu-Jitsu Lifestyle

If you’re weary of bad news and the generalize trolling of mankind via the internet, here’s a feel good story to warm your fatigued soul.

Filmmaker David Shofield was so inspired by the backstory of one coach that he put together a beautifully shot documentary short following the black belt’s use of BJJ to combat dyslexia. Anthony “Griff” Griffiths, a former “Chinese food delivery driver” turned instructor at Viva Combat Athletics in the UK, struggled with the learning disorder from a young age.

“The label of dyslexia encouraged me not to try,” he explains in the doc. “It was my excuse to stay inside my comfort zone.”

The short covers how Griff transitioned from a dead end low-income job to excelling through martial arts, connecting especially with local youth struggling with similar learning patterns.

You can watch the whole short here. Consider sharing it with the parents and teachers of any person who could benefit from a jiu-jitsu practice in their life.




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