Blue Belt Submits Black Belt By Guillotine Choke In Less Than A Minute

Age is just a number, and black is just a color. At least that is what FFA blue belt Devin Genchi showed in a video posted earlier this year.

Genchi took on a BJJ black belt and submitted him in less than a minute with his “Genchitine,” a hybrid guillotine and crucifix move that Genchi invented.

The black belt sat down early, looking to play some open guard. Genchi wasn’t having it, though. He circled around the black belt, ready to shoot in for the kill. The black belt scooted in, but Genchi grabbed hold of his neck and latched the Genchitine on, forcing the black belt to tap in seconds.

This is not to say that any blue belt will likely tap any black belt. Black belts almost always have the advantage when they take on lower belts.

But it does happen. If you’re a black belt facing a blue belt in a competition, don’t underestimate your opponent, because he or she might be coming at you with a Genchitine!


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