Boxing Champion Claressa Shields Training BJJ Under Roberto Alencar

Photo/Instagram: @claressashields

Highly decorated boxing champion Claressa Shields has begun her jiu-jitsu journey.

The undisputed middleweight champion, who was recently signed to the PFL to compete in one-off fights, is now working on her grappling after a career built on elite-level striking skills. She shared a post on social media revealing that she is training under Roberto Alencar at Gracie Barra New Mexico, where one of her training partners is none other than former UFC bantamweight champion and accomplished striker Holly Holm.

Shields shared a heartfelt post about her new venture into BJJ:

Photo/Instagram: @claressashields

I’m like super emotional 😭 so thankful to have great leaders and kind spirited people around. Me being a fighter I’ve fought all of my fights on my feet. It’s no longer a fear to be on the ground, this new journey has opened my eyes to so many things. The journey to become a complete combat fighter is now. Thank you to @tussagb for teaching me the basics & all kinds of jujitsu defenses and offenses 1 on 1 + making it all challenging so now I’m challenging myself in the gi. Can’t forget @hollyholm thank for sharing your knowledge! For taking me in and not being envious or nothing cause you know girls can be jealous of each other but WE’ RE not like that! So I’m so grateful that you have joined the journey with me & giving me great tips and advice! It’s truly appreciated champ! From the bottom of my heart. What a team @jacksonwink_mma making me face my fears and ish

We’ll keep you updated on Shields’ MMA career as it unfolds.


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