Bradley Cooper Is a Low Key BJJ Daddy

Bradley Cooper’s cover model babymama Irina Shayk has been a great influence on her superstar mate. The Russian jiu-jitsu and boxing enthusiast reports hitting the mats 4 times a week when she’s not shooting or filming, and now jiujiteiro-to-the-stars Rigan Machado and Cooper are posting low key, sans-caption gym selfies together.

Cooper, of course, is the Academy Award nominated, Grammy Award nominated, MTV Movie Award Best Kiss-winning star of flicks like A Star is Born, Silver Lining’s Playbook, The Hangover, Limitless, and Wedding Crashers. He and Irina got together back in 2015.

Yeah yeah, we know. “Who cares about celebrities doing BJJ, I wanna story about average people doing jiu-jitsu.” Don’t worry. Just click here. There’s about 500+ articles featuring average people doing jiu-jitsu just waiting for your many, many, many page views right now!

For the several thousand leftover clickers who apparently do care enough about celebrities doing BJJ to click and comment when a new person joins the matrat fold, here’s a video of Irina choking out a TV talk show host. You’re welcome:


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