Braulio Estima Advocate For The Growth Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Braulio Estima is a BJJ champion and advocate for the growth of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He believes that Jiu­Jitsu needs to be shared with the entire world. Braulio lives in the UK and travels across the globe to share his passion for the martial art that he loves.

Estima is thrilled with an upcoming trip in 2016 where he will be filming a documentary of his travels in Brazil, as well as host seminars for the BJJ campers that join him on this adventure to Rio.

In a recent podcast with The BJJ Show, Braulio Estima and Chris Martin talk about how we can grow the sport with a contribution to the greater community as a whole.

Braulio seeks to share his skill development, and how he has accomplished this with people around the world in the hope that they learn from it, and they can incorporate it into their own practice.

Join Braulio in February 2016 and learn some of the closest secrets of one of our sports new aged Samurai’s.
Play Podcast Here:


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