Brendan Schaub Reveals He Offered To Pay Medical Bills For Ray Borg’s Son

Comedian and former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub stated on the Joe Rogan Podcast that he’d messaged UFC flyweight competitor Ray Borg offering to pay for Borg’s son’s medical bills.

Borg’s infant son was born with Hydrocephalus: a condition that causes fluid buildup in the brain. He pulled out of a May UFC fight in order to take care of his son, and his next scheduled fight is November 10 against Joseph Benavidez.

Schaub stated that he reached out to Borg after seeing Borg’s social media posts advertising t-shirts, the proceeds from which would go towards paying for his son’s medical bills.

In his interview with Rogan, Schaub became emotional and expressed empathy for Borg, saying that he knew what it was like to be limited on cash living the fighter lifestyle. He also said that he’d be willing to donate his earnings from upcoming comedy shows to support the baby’s medical fund.

Watch the interview below:



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