Brutal Slam From Roland Dunlap Knocks Out Ibinwa Ikebunna At LFA 104

A fight at LFA 104 served as a tough reminder of why MMA fighters (and BJJ athletes competing under relevant rule sets) shouldn’t underestimate the power of a slam.

The middleweight fight between Roland Dunlap and Ibinwa Ikebunna ended in the first round at four minutes and nineteen seconds when Dunlap lifted Ikebunna off the ground. Ikebunna had very little time to come up with a defense, and in the next second, Dunlap had slammed him to the ground, putting an exclamation mark on the performance with a few elbows to the face that proved to be unnecessary — Ikebunna was out cold.

The knockout was Dunlap’s second win in as many fights; the loss brought Ikebunna’s record to an even 2-2.

You can watch the scary moment below:



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