But Can You Even Open a Bottle Like Max Holloway?

Sure, you can leg pummel like a Ryan and worm guard into chokes like Cornelius, but can you stand up and pop bottles like UFC champ Max Holloway?

In a combat sport where the devil is very much in the details, precision matters in MMA. As a UFC champ, Holloway has put in the time to get there and isn’t afraid to show it. The fighter took to Instagram this week in a viral challenge to kick the cap off a bottle without rotating the bottle…and that ish was impressive:

The post has received over 1.5 million views so far, and while John Mayer still hasn’t completed the task a lot of other people have. Some attempts are unmitigated failures:

But some of them are actually really good:

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#bottlecapchallenge you’re turn @robbj.hale

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I mean, why you would kick a bottle open when you could just wrist lock it into submission is beyond us, but it’s still cool to see what the martial artists who stand up are up to this week.


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