James Gonzalez Bends Human Arm Like Pipe Cleaner for MMA Win

Tap, snap, or oh-my-god-whatever-the-hell-just-happened-to-this-poor-guy.

Former CFFC featherweight champion Pat Sabatini is getting a lot of screen time this weekend following his match last night against challenger James Gonzalez. Gonzalez, a black belt under Matt Serra, pulled off one of the most brutal injury TKOs to hit Fight Pass in years, armbarring Sabatini into, well…maybe just watch:

They both look a little shocked, honestly.

The first round submission finish, which came at second 46 of the match, earned Gonzalez the CFFC featherweight title and brings the fighter’s record to 6-3.

No word yet on exactly what Sabatini’s injuries are, but medics on site did say both the elbow and shoulder were dislocated.

Congrats to the new champ, and here’s wishing Sabatini a speedy recovery plus a few bags of stem cells for good luck.


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