Keanu Reeves Training For ‘John Wick 3’ Behind The Scenes

What belt is The Baba Yaga anyway? The fourth installment of the all-killing, all-avenging, all dog-loving John Wick film series is set for release in 2021, and while couch surfing fight fans dissect John Wick III on HBO titular star Keanu Reeves is probably off in a garage somewhere learning Peruvian Necktie to gogoplata to spladle martial arts choreography. That’s what producers have had him do for the last three films, anyway, as one super popular promotional video now making the rounds again shows.

There’s no denying Reeves, an action hero since the mid-1990s, can kick a few IRL asses if push comes to shove…he’s been piecemeal training various combat techniques for decades. Whether he could beat master of death Steven Seagal, however, we’ll let you decide:


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