“McDojo Life” Wants To Make A Documentary Exposing Fake Martial Arts, & They Need Your Support

In a world of great martial arts that keep you active and can help you protect yourself in real-life self-defense scenarios, there are plenty of scam artists out there teaching, um, not that.

McDojo Life has made a name for itself by exposing these “McDojos” that are just out for gullible people’s money. From “instructors” claiming they can teach you how to stop an attacker without even touching them, to “black belts” who have never had a day of proper training in their life, these people are all over the place, and customers keep falling for their tactics.

Now, McDojo Life is out to create a documentary exposing these fake martial arts, and they need the support of the public to make it happen. They’re specifically targeting Netflix, which is famous for making thought-provoking and entertaining documentaries, for the project, but they’ll be starting crowdfunding for it no matter what on January 1. They’re insistent that the project gets completed, and the more widespread attention and demand it receives, the more likely it is to end up somewhere that it’ll be watched by more than just people in the martial arts community.

Take a look at the plan and preview for the documentary here:


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